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Our Fabrics

Utimately, quality resides in the eye and the hand of the observer.

We are driven and inspired by outstanding quality.

We scout our fabrics from many sources.

We start by selecting the one’s that are more appealing to our spirit and then we design optimizing the fabrics implementing a close to "zero waste" design approach.

We often work with short cuts from each fabric depending on what is available.
Hence… each piece is rather unique.
We like to think that for every piece we make there is a person out there for which it is tailored.

In other words: we make it, you make it yours!

Our Values

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 We select the best fabric made with the most refined natural fibers and century long tradition of craftsmanship. It is our mission to dress you with the highest quality possible.

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We source our materials from excess production thus optimizing existing resources.  Also the use of natural fibers not only reduces the impact on the environment but guarantee a long life to the garment promoting a cyclical fashion.

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The design is thought of so to minimize excess of the precious textiles, resulting in comfortable and wearable garments with an informal and unisex style. 

The design is minimal so to convey to the fullest the qualities of the fabrics.

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