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iSi-Wear  translates in “keeping warm and cozy”.

When living in Ibiza, we used to leave the home not knowing where we will end up nor when we’d be back…the beach , a late sunset, dinner at a friend’s house, parties, sunrises and yoga classes could easily be part of a regular day on the island.
So my friends and I started carrying around pieces of fabrics (brought from my hometown in Italy) which were adapted so that they could be worn with minimum effort. After that, I started designing each piece depending on the needs and personality of my friends…  
Soon enough people started noticing that the quality was exceptional, to the point that strangers would approach me to touch it and feel the fabrics.

 Back in Italy, I was determined not to give up the sense of freedom creativity, and excitement that motivated during those times.
For this reason, I put more effort into our first prototypes to create something that could bring the same sensation of freedom and ease to a broader public, maintaining its original purpose, the comfort and warmth we used to carry around with us.
I am exited to continue create warm garments from nature finest fabric, with a sustainable footprint.


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